7 Easiest Vegetables To Grow In A Garden, Even If You're A Beginner

Green beans are a must to grow first. They are easy to grow and one of the fastest-growing vegetables on the list—they're often ready to pick after 45-55 days after planting.

Green Beans

Bell Peppers

The mouthwatering tastes and colors of bell peppers aren't the only things we love about these easy-to-grow vegetables. Bell peppers are effortless to grow once you plant them in fertile, well-drained soil after the last frost of the season.

Whether you like them pickled or with a dash of salt, enjoy all kinds of cucumber recipes after easily growing them in your backyard garden.



Tomatoes, a ripe garden staple, are one of the best vegetables to have in your garden for their ease of growth and incredible versatility.

Basil combines the best of sweet and savory notes as the perfect complement to almost any kind of dish—and what's better than that is their ease of growth.



While you're planting savory veggies, why not add a few sweet fruits to the mix? Strawberries (really, any berries) are super easy to grow.

Not only are onions easy to grow, they are also super easy to manage. They don't call for a lot of special considerations; you can plant them either from seeds or sets


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