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Are you irritated with immense paperwork for insurance claims associated with
 this type of damage? We take the burden on your behalf. We handle all sorts of
 hassles associated with insurance claim and file the insurance claim for you .
We also offer to connect you with a public adjustor who will guide you and
help you handle the insurance claim process from A to Z



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water damage restoration manhattan basement

If not by a hurricane or flood, water damage is most often caused by
leaky pipes, broken water pump or damaged drain lines. in addition,
damaged water heaters , washer machine and dishwasher are the
culprits. All these factors call for a proper understanding of each
situation as well as immediate handling the situation.

Home & Apartments



Our team evaluate to find the exact source of
water damage, as the source may be

The next stop is to chose proper equipment
as well as right procedures that are involved
for this purpose.

Multiple dehumidifiers, high quality blowers,
air injection device, equipment for
disinfecting or sanitizing are used for water
damage recover and restoration.

Water damage restoration manhattan brooklyn



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water damage restoration manhattan mold solutions

Mold Removal!

Mold spores are extremely tiny and lightweight and travel easily through the air.
 If proper precautions and containment are not adhered to responsibly,
 the mold spores will find their way into clean areas and start a new cycle of growth.
call us and schedule a mold inspection today to insure your home is mold free.

Extensive water damage restoration for office buildings and other indoor commercial
environments can be a serious and dangerous problem.Mold contamination can
develop due to chronic leaks, floods or raw sewage exposure. If the problem is left
untreated, mold may harm the physical structure of the building and put the tenants
and/or workers at risk of health problems.

Commercial & management companies

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24/7 Water Damage Restoration

Our water damage restoration team are experts in disaster clean-up
and restoration of all kind at any time
Our certified technicians
bring the training and courteous 
attitude to make a difficult situation as stress-free as possible.

Mold Testing

Our  technicians are equipped with the latest most advanced gear to collect
 the most detailed samples from any necessary area. We will ship the samples to
 our laboratory for analysis on the same day. we provide those to you as well
as a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations for remediation

Mold Removal

After an inspection has taken place and lab results have confirmed
that there is mold present in the environment, removal is necessary.
Each case will have a custom build remediation plan. 

Insurance Handling 

Our office will handle your Insurance claims for you
and will insure a smooth process. We works with all insurance companies  

Water damage restoration manhattan


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Water Damage Restoration EMERGENCY
Our water damage restoration team is working 24/7 and will arrive anywhere in the five boroughs and New Jersey within one hour.
Water damage restoration New York City


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